Q- Can I use my SIPP to invest in this product?

Yes, this product accepts SIPP Investors.

Q- Can I use my cash in my ISA to invest in this product?

Yes of course, however please be aware this is an investment vehicle and not a savings account.

Q- What is the Minimum Investment?

The minimum investment amount is £1,000.

Q- How long is the Investment Term?

Bonds are automatically redeemable at year 10 however it is envisaged that investors will be bought out between year 3 and year 5. Throughout this time investors will receive an update every 12 months regarding the progress of their investment.

Q- What Return on Investment should I expect?

We offer investors a fixed interest payment of 7%. It is anticipated that between years 3 and 5 the Company will redeem all issued Bonds, but this is not guaranteed. Upon redemption investors will receive the original capital back.

Q- What is the exit strategy?

We have a defined exit strategy in year 10. However the company anticipates this will be in years 3 to 5..

Q- Can I exit the investment before the end of the investment term?

There will not be a liquid market for the bonds and any investment in the bonds should be viewed as a medium – long term investment. In exceptional circumstances management will seek to establish an internal market, however this is at the sole discretion of the director.

Q- When will I receive my interest payments?

Investors will receive interest payments on the anniversary of the Bond, paid Pro Rata.

Q- How will I receive my interest payments?

Private investors will receive interest payments directly to their bank account as per the details provided by them on the letter of intent form. Pension investors – interest payments will be paid back into their SIPP trustee bank account.

Q- How secure is the investment?

Our investment is secured by a full company debenture over the assets and profits.