Investment Sectors

Crystal Investment Holdings Limited is not limited to any specific products or offerings, we are completely independent. This comes with strict due-diligence and all products must pass with the Board of Directors and their advisors comfortably, whilst all of the products will have the added security by securing the Bond over Crystal Investment Holdings Limited by means of Debenture.

Typical Financing and Products could be;

  • Development Finance
  • Commercial Loans
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Care Homes
  • Property Development

Example of the current Investment Product (as of July 2017)

invt sectorsDevelopment Finance

The Crystal Investments development finance product has been launched to revolutionise the way businesses obtain funding. Crystal Investments strengths lie in providing development finance solutions to specialist Property developers/ investors and will lend throughout the UK. Funding can be used to assist with the purchase, building costs or a combination of both, which can be tailored to meet developer’s requirements.

Development finance is a massive opportunity for private investors to get involved in and benefit from the fixed returns Crystal offers to investors. The opportunity currently is magnified due to the banking crisis and this has left many banks with no appetite to support this industry.

  • Corporate Bond with fixed interest payments per annum
  • Investments available from £1,000; with £100.00 increments hereafter
  • Interest payable Pro Rata
  • Maximum 3 year term
  • Repayment of principal investment at maturity of Bond(end of term)
  • UK based asset backed project
  • Not leveraged with external finance
  • Asset uncorrelated to any other asset class
  • Experienced Development Team